The Best And Worst Shows On TV In 2016

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5. Kevin Can Wait

Apparently, Kevin James only knows how to play one character, and that character is just  a repeated and recycled version of himself. Thank goodness, in every show or movie he’s ever been in, he’s always paired with a pretty actress that is way out of his league and is willing to put up with his dumb everyman schlock. Otherwise, I just don’t think he’d have much of a career.

This latest show is about Kevin Gable, a recently retired police officer looking to start a new phase in his life. He wants to reconnect with his wife and kids, and figure himself out a little after working for the force for 20 years. I’m being a little generous with my description. There is so little originality in this sitcom, I’m constantly checking the info button to make sure I haven’t already watched it.

It’s the same jokes, the same schtick, the same actors, as his pretty successful and funny show, King of Queens.  I guess that’s all the material James has in his arsenal, because he obviously used it all up back then. Don’t waste your time with this new show. They play reruns of King of Queens on TVLand every night.