The Best And Worst Shows On TV In 2016

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4. Pure Genius

More medical jargon. More intense cases with tear jerking backstories, and more good looking, romantially-challened doctors. Sigh.

Even Dermot Mulroney couldn’t save this feeble medical drama about a Silicon Valley billionaire who builds a state of art hospital to provide free medical care. The hospital only takes the most unusual and difficult cases, and serves the patients for free, because apparently it’s not hard enough for us to believe anything about this show. The cases are so obscure and heartbreaking that to say it’s cloying is an understatement.

The “billionaire genius” James Bell is played by Augustus Prew, and he might just be the most grating character I’ve ever seen in a white coat. If the entirety of the show wasn’t so routine and derivative, it might be something I could tolerate while folding laundry, but there is literally nothing unique about this show.

That’s really the most offensive thing about CBS trying to sneak more rote medical drivel past us. They aren’t even trying to deliver something new or fresh. They continue to insult us by offering reworked garbage and ask us to be delighted by a hunky actor we recognize and a quasi-contemporary premise. Do better, CBS.