20 Reasons the Harry Potter Movies are Christmas Movies

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7. Hogwarts at Christmastime

To describe Hogwarts at Christmas time, there really isn’t any other way but than to say it is magical. The teachers go all out and make sure everything is decorated beautifully. There is a huge tree in the Great Hall, every classroom is decorated. The whole place just feels like something straight out of a Christmas movie.

So, of course the Harry Potter movies are Christmas movies. Just look at the Great Hall! It is a perfect example of something you’d want to see on Christmas. There is a huge feast and amazing decorations and even fake snow while you’re eating.

Basically, it is just a wonderful time to be at Hogwarts. Everyone there seems to love the holiday and to see how great everything looks makes the audience want to celebrate too. Plus, who wouldn’t want a Christmas feast after seeing what they serve in the Great Hall?

But honestly, Christmastime just feels magical all on its own. So to see a magical Christmas? That is even more special. The world of Harry Potter gave us a lot but seeing the wizards and witches putting up the Christmas decorations and hearing the music shift to reflect the season was extremely powerful.