20 Reasons the Harry Potter Movies are Christmas Movies

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4. The Mirror of Erised

During Harry’s first Christmas at Hogwarts, he and Ron find themselves in some trouble. They try and steal a shrieking book from the library, and they use the Invisibility Cloak to their advantage. But then Harry wanders a bit too far and finds the Mirror of Erised.

The mirror shows us our hearts desires. In fact, it shows us our deepest desires and in the scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, we learn a lot about Harry. The sweet eleven year old that we’ve come to know and love stands before the mirror and sees his parents. That is all he wants.

Everyone goes to the mirror and sees what they want. That is exactly how it is designed. But for Harry, it isn’t about glory or fame. It isn’t like Ron’s desires. All Harry wants is to be with his parents again, and it is honestly quite heartbreaking.

To make matters worse, there are lots of theories about how Harry can never die since Voldemort is dead. So think about that when you think about the Mirror of Erised and how the only thing Harry wanted in all of the world was to be with his parents again.