20 Reasons the Harry Potter Movies are Christmas Movies

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20. Harry’s Feeling of Love at Christmas

Harry’s entire life was filled with people who didn’t love him. The Dursley’s did not want him around. They hated him more than anything else in this world. So when he went to Hogwarts, he didn’t think it’d be much different. Except that he learned what it felt like to be loved.

Christmas is important in the Harry Potter series because it taught this little boy how it felt to have people in his life that he mattered to. Molly Weasley cared about him, Ron wanted him to be happy. Hermione made sure he always had a gift for his birthday and Christmas and Sirius tried to be the father he never had.

All of these people wanted this boy to be as happy as he could be. And it all started to show at Christmas. So the greatest thing about the Harry Potter series at Christmas is that it taught Harry what it felt like for people to love him. Everyone cared about him and he finally understood.

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So, the next time someone tries to tell you that Harry Potter isn’t a Christmas movie, you can tell them they are wrong. They are Christmas movies, and now you have 20 reasons to prove that fact.