20 Reasons the Harry Potter Movies are Christmas Movies

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19. Weasley Sweaters

You can’t talk about a Harry Potter Christmas without talking about a Weasley sweater. In the Harry Potter lore, Mrs. Weasley makes a sweater with her children’s initials on them every year. For Harry’s first year at Hogwarts, she made him one as well.

Of course Ron made fun of it, but it is an amazing character piece on Mrs. Weasley. She saw this boy who had no family and no one to love and she took him in. She made him a sweater and made him one of her own. Molly Weasley is a saint, and she made sure that Harry Potter had an amazing Christmas.

But a Weasley sweater has become a staple Christmas gift for many. Fans all over have created their own Weasley sweaters with their initials on them. After all, who wouldn’t want a warm sweater with your own initial?

Many try and say they are “ugly Christmas sweaters,” but we don’t disrespect Molly Weasley that way. She worked too hard on all these sweaters to have them be called “ugly”. But in all seriousness, the sweaters are important to fans. That’s why many go out of their way to make their own. They mean family, and that’s what Harry Potter is to us.