Subscription Box Gifts Have Your Shopping List Taken Care Of

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For the Gym Rat

Bulu Box ($10)
Bulu Box is full of health and nutrition samples, so you can try stuff before getting stuck with full-sized items that don’t work for you. Includes vitamins, drink mixes, and other health-related items.
JackedPack ($15)
Tell JackedPack what your fitness goals are, your favorite flavors, and they’ll send you five to ten samples of supplements curated just for you and your goals.
FitSnack ($18)
Similar to other snacking subscriptions except FitSnack is devoted to helping you stay energized for the gym and healthy. Proceeds from each box purchased go to the Boys and Girls Club.

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RunnerBox ($20)
This box ships every other month and is full of endurance products for the person who religiously runs every single day, God help them. You can choose to buy a subscription, single boxes, or specialty boxes.
GymCrate ($27)
The GymCrate is meant to keep you motivated. This box comes full of supplements, apparel, snacks, gear, recipes, workouts and more montly.
BuddhiBox ($33)
For the Yogi in your life, or maybe the person who needs a little Zen. This box comes full of products to help center you both on and off the mat.

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Fabletics ($50)
Fabletics is an apparel subscription. Each month, you can choose an outfit of one, two, or three pieces for a discounted price. Or, you can skip the month. Clothing options are mostly workout-appropriate (leggings, tanks and tees, jackets, sport bras) but lots of items can be worn for lots of different occasions!
BodyfuelBox ($50)
BodyFuelBox is a weight loss box tailored specifically for women. They will help you meet your weight loss goals safely and with delicious snack and meal options.
Avenue A by Adidas ($150)
This quarterly box includes apparel and shoes by Adidas, curated by celebrities and athletes alike.

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Our faves
BuffBoxx ($30)
BuffBoxx is full of apparel, supplements, snacks and more by Reebok. Why it’s my fave: Get apparel and workout supplements for an amazing price!
Honest Health & Wellness ($36)
Honest Brand vitamins and supplements delivered to your door every month. Why it’s my fave: Choose what you want each month so you don’t get what you don’t need.
Yogi Surprise ($45)
One facet of yoga is the constant transition– both from pose to pose and within yourself. The Yogi Surprise box supports that transition with full-sized items to help you along your journey. Why it’s my fave: get full sized items, including gear!