Love Actually Plotlines Ranked By Sadness

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Courtesy of Universal Pictures.


Although each individual storyline features moments we can’t help but be emotionally wrecked by, the movie has the same effect when it functions as and when we look at it as a whole. The opening and closing scenes, footage of the arrival gate at Heathrow Airport, show vignettes of love, joy, togetherness, and humanity, played out in small moments as loved ones greet each other. In fact, the first scene features a voiceover in which David states that he’s got a sneaking suspicion love actually is all around. And then the rest of the film, in small moments and large gestures, scene-by-scene and as one whole unit, goes on to prove that.

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Add to that feel-good thesis the backdrop of the magic of Christmas, and you’ve got yourself an utterly irresistible, heartbreaking yet joyful movie that truly never gets old, no matter how many times you cry over it. Enough. Enough now.