10 Ways to Binge Watch Christmas Movies This Season

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Image courtesy of Hallmark

It’s December, and in case you weren’t sure of what that exactly means to TV binge-watchers like me, I’ll let you know! Let’s get festive.

Feel that? That’s the sweet, sweet feel of Christmas in the air. It’s the pine-scented candles; the holiday tunes in every department store; the peppermint mocha latte from Starbucks. And of course, the overly played, yet desperately heart warming Christmas movies on every TV channel.

Because that is the reason for the season, y’all!

Now, you can be like normal people and watch a few movies here and there during your down time. You know, cozy up on a Friday night instead of going out and watch a classic like “The Santa Clause” or “Home Alone.” Then go about your life the next day as if nothing ever happened. OR you can be like me and the rest of us crazy Christmas movie binge-watchers. You can start watching the Hallmark channel or Lifetime the minute these holiday movies start playing in November and literally never take your eyes off of them until December 26. Because to me, that sounds like more fun.

Whichever way you like to take in a holiday movie, I’ve compiled a list of places you can go to find the most variety. Do you have a Netflix or Hulu account? They both have huge selection to choose from. Do you want classics that have been around for years? Freeform and Disney are probably your best bets. Are you like me and enjoy spending hours glued to your TV with a marathon of these suckers? Then I’ll point you over towards Hallmark- the Christmas movie binge-watching capital of TV.

So let’s start with that…