3 OMG Moments From The Walking Dead “Sing Me a Song”


This episode of The Walking Dead proved that Carl was more of a man than we thought he was and also Negan may have a soft side.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this episode. Originally, I hated it. You can catch my full recap here and it’s clear that I hated that ep, I hated Negan, and I hated Carl. While I’m still questionable about  where this show is going and why Negan has stayed on it for as long as he has, I’ve also had time to really think about what happened on Sunday. And it’s proving to be a little deeper than any of us (okay, maybe mostly me) expected.

Does Negan have a soft spot?

If your heart didn’t immediately turn to stone the minute you saw Negan with baby Judith, then I’m confident you have no heart. I was yelling at my TV screen to put that baby back in that damn crib. I don’t want Negan’s grimy paws all over the precious and pure child that Judith is. And then when he was sitting on the front porch with her in his lap. Ugh.

But maybe there’s more to this than I thought. Could Judith potentially bring out the soft spot in Negan? Is this where it all changes? Because we know there’s nothing really soft about Negan after he burnt that mans face to a crisp last week… Is this Judith’s rise to fame!?

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Michonne got herself into the lion’s den. But there’s no lion.

Michonne was brilliant last episode. She created a road block from walker bodies to stop one of the Saviors so they could take her back to Negan. However, Negan won’t be there. Because Negan is at Alexandria playing with baby Judith. I can’t tell if this is a bad or good thing yet. Negan won’t be there to kill her or lock her up or make her one of his wives. But will Michonne be able to convince the rest of the Saviors that this is how they make their escape? Is this how the revolt begins? Something big is going to happen at the end of this episode on Sunday and maybe it’ll be Michonne leading the revolution against Negan. Queue Les Mis music.

Is someone important dying in the mid-season finale?

I mean, it’s the mid season finale. And nobody that important has died since the premiere. So, I’m automatically going with a big YES. And then I also saw this on twitter:

The first picture is a scene from the promo for this week’s episode. The second picture is obviously after Abraham and Glenn were killed. He has the same exact look that he did in the premiere. This points me to the thought that someone else who plays a crucial role in Rick’s life will be dying this season.

I think Carl’s weird “relationship” with Negan is too important right now so it won’t be Carl. Negan claims he doesn’t randomly kill children so I think Judith is safe. Michonne is over at Camp Negan so I think she’ll be good, along with Daryl. Rosita and Tara are way too important to the plot right now so they’re staying. Maybe Eugene? Spencer? Aaron?

Or maybe nobody at all dies and that’s just his face when he gets home and sees Negan sitting on his front porch with his kids. Hopefully it’s that. (Although I really wouldn’t mind if they killed off Spencer. Sorry Austin Nichols- I still love you.)

Image via AMC

Of course, like always, we have a lot of questions that need to be answered. Will we see what Maggie and Sasha are up to at the hilltop? Will we see Carol and Morgan at the Kingdom again? Will the Seaside Community play a large role in this season? I find it hard to believe that they have sets and people for each of these locations but rarely show them. Maybe the second half of this season?  Only time will tell.

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