2016 Christmas Specials: Our Guide to Christmas TV!

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Mondays, The Great Christmas Light Fight

The Great Christmas Light Fight returns to ABC with families and neighborhoods all over the United States going balls to the wall to have the craziest, biggest, brightest, most obnoxious Christmas lights in the nation. And the chance to win $50,000.

Carter Oosterhouse (best known for his time as a carpenter on TLC’s Trading Spaces) and Taniya Nayak (Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible and renowned interior designer) host the show, judging the outlandish Christmas displays. They hop from one town to the next, choosing the best decorations.

This will make a great TV program to watch with your yard-obsessed dad or other Christmas lights fanatic family member — grandpa, mom, brother, etc. I especially love watching what goes into the displays: how many people help out, number of lights, storage required, money that goes into purchasing gear, and other things I, as a normal person, would never have thought of otherwise, like whether cables are showing in the grass or not.

If you, or someone you know, is a complete crazy person and interested in applying for the show, check out The Great Christmas Light Fight page on ABC.com.

Air Date: Premieres Monday, December 5th
Time: 8 PM / 7 PM Central
Channel: ABC