2016 Christmas Specials: Our Guide to Christmas TV!

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December 24th, A Christmas Story marathon

“You’ll shoot your eye out!” Or maybe just want to claw them out once you’ve watched A Christmas Story 12 times.

Note: Why not summarize the below yourself? Cite if you like.

"Based on one of Jean Shepherd’s short stories, the film follows a boy who desperately wants a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. Amidst his plans to convince his parents (and Santa) to get him the gun, a lot of other seemingly small occurrences transpire between Ralphie and his family, all of which amount to what turns out to be an extremely memorable Christmas. The 1983 movie, and the story on which it’s based, use the 1940’s backdrop to illustrate simpler times, when TV was the radio, kids used decoder rings to unscramble cryptic advertisements for Ovaltine, and a dad might find a brief reprieve from battling with the furnace in the basement by enjoying the sight of electric sex gleaming in the window, which in the case of this story, comes in the form of a gaudy leg-lamp."

A Christmas Story running 24 hours a day? Yep. This has actually been going on for a while (like, nineteen years), but for those who are unaware, tune into TBS Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day. It’ll play continuously for 24 hours, for you and your families’ viewing pleasure.

Air Date: Saturday, December 24th-Sunday December 25th
Time: 24 hours
Channel: TBS