Saturday Night Live Season 42 Episode 8 Emma Stone Recap


Emma Stone has returned to host Saturday Night Live for the 3rd time and it was just as amazing as we all expected! With musical guest Shawn Mendes.

Emma Stone was back as the host of Saturday Night Live and with a night full of great sketches and upsets. Those upsets were from Donald Trump who continually tries to bash the shows impression of him with fail.

But the entire episode was pretty good, must like the rest of this season. It is like the old SNL has finally returned.

 Classroom Cold Open

In a sketch that just takes Donald Trump’s real life antics on Twitter and makes it more exaggerated, the opening sketch was a pretty funny way of showing how the president-elect needs to have his Twitter account monitored.

Donald Trump retweeted a sixteen year old who bashed CNN and this sketch gives homage to that high schooler while also showing terrible scenarios where Donald retweets them in the middle of a security briefing.

Opening Monologue

Emma Stone feels like Saturday Night Live is a return to high school. And Leslie and Kyle are still dating. Aidy and Emma went to school together and then Emma and Bobby had a fling. It was cute and part of the show’s new interactive monologue that they have been doing for this last few weeks.

High School Theatre Show

A tried and true sketch that seems to always work is the shows High School Theatre sketch. Taking the idea of a high school theatre troop who tries to push social issues by directing their own show. In this weeks, there were parts that were actually on point (the Holocaust being in 2017) while others were very much children who didn’t know what was going on in the world.

For instance, their Black Lives Matter scene which was just them kissing each other or how they thought Standing Rock was just about getting the Native Americans a pipeline. Overall, it was a pretty great return to a classic.

The Christmas Candle

Buying gifts for coworkers can be hard because you don’t know what to buy them. In this sketch about the ‘Christmas savior’, the Christmas candle that is the candle we all get then give away. It is set up like an 90s video and is Aidy, Kate and Emma Stone singing with terrible wigs about this candle.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense but it doesn’t have to. It’s one of those just easily dumb sketches that just works.


A young boy has his posters come to life and help him learn math. Well, sort of. Mikey Day, Keenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon and Emma Stone all play different posters on Pete Davidson’s wall. They’re trying to help him and encourage him to learn algebra. Except for Emma Stone. She just wants to talk about hot dogs.

It is a funny sketch that is just everyone trying to help Pete but having Emma’s character ruin it by talking about her hot dogs continuously.

The Hunt for Hill

Everyone is on the search for Hillary Clinton. Ever since the presidential election, Hillary has been spotted in the woods of Chappaqua and everyone has been wondering why her and Bill continue to hike through the woods.

The sketch is a documentary about trying to hunt for Hillary Clinton. It is a great commentary on all the people hunting after Hillary now that the election is over. Everyone wants to thank Hillary but she very clearly wants a safe place to escape. So…maybe the woods isn’t the best anymore. Or the grocery store. Or anywhere since everyone wants to see Hill.

Weekend Update

After last episodes debacle, this week’s Saturday Night Live had a lot to hold up to. Colin Jost made a joke that deeply offended the trans community and many want Michael Che and Colin off the update desk.

This week’s Weekend Update was fine. Just the normal one off jokes and cameos but, anymore, no one really wants to watch Update for how much they do not enjoy Jost and Che. We did get Jennifer Aniston on it this week so it wasn’t a total lost.

Shawn Mendes

Internet sensation Shawn Mendes was the musical guest this week and while his songs are for a younger generation, they were pretty catchy and prove why he is a star. Singing “Treat You Better” and “Mercy”, Shawn did a great job!

“Treat You Better” is a great song with a catchy beat and hearing him sing it live proves why the younger girls like him. He’s incredible!

Cleaning Crew

When a company works late before their Christmas break, it is the cleaning crew has a Christmas show for them.  They sing a song about a bad Santa and rip off their cleaning outfits to reveal leather skirts and red sparkly tops.

Though their accents are a little terrible, they continue to sing songs about being in love with Santa and having sex with Santa Claus.

Film Screening

Debette Goldry is back with a film screening and, like before, it is just Kate McKinnon playing an insane character and making everyone break. “In Memorium Oscars 2017” is just one of the things Debette says as she continues her crazy tirades about her film history.

Every time Kate is given a character like this, it doesn’t really matter what the rest of the sketch is. It is just great watching her try and make those around her laugh.

Wells for Boys

Ever want to know what you can do for your sensitive little boy? Well now you can buy him his very own well. He can feel like Snow White or any other princess who says her hopes and dreams into the well.

They also have balconies and shattered mirrors and the entire sketch is funny and doesn’t make a lot of sense. Which is really when Saturday Night Live shines. Whenever they have a sketch that is just insanity, it ends up being one of the best of the night.

While this short isn’t going to be a viral sensation, it was a quality piece of the night.

The Nativity

In the Christmas spirit, Mary and Joseph are letting everyone come and see the new savior. Well, Joseph is but Mary is pretty mad that he continues to let people in to see her and the baby after she just gave birth.

“I have looked cute every day of my 14 year life,” Mary says as she sassily gets mad about all the visitors coming to give gifts. Everyone keeps asking Mary is she is okay because she looks tired and it is a pretty good last sketch of the night!

The whole episode was pretty great and Emma Stone proves, once again, that she is a comedy queen.

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