Saturday Night Live Season 42 Episode 7 Kristen Wiig Recap


Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig is back as host on these weeks show and she is pretty spectacular once again with musical guest The xx.

Kristen Wiig is back on Saturday Night Live and she didn’t disappoint! With musical guest The xx, Kristen came back and gave what we always loved about her. Bringing back some of her classic characters as well as some new ones, Kristen reminded us why she was one of the best cast members SNL ever gave us.

The Cold Open

Donald Trump is struggling with all his policies he had promised America and we can see the wheels turning in his head. Alec Baldwin is back with special guest Jason Sudeikis as Mitt Romney and the cold open did its purpose.

It made us laugh and showed us what we already knew. There wasn’t anything particularly special about the cold open, they’re still doing Trump themed openings, but it showed everyone what they think is happening with Trump first few days as president-elect.


The show is back with its song as the monologue theme. Kristen Wiig sang a wonderful song about Thanksgiving but she also included some pretty famous friends. Steve Martin and Will Forte showed up to tell Kristen that she was singing about Thanksgiving wrong.

It was a cute monologue, very holiday themed and very much something we expect from Kristen Wiig. It was nice and cute but the only really special thing was the guest stars.

The Bubble

After the election, all of us want to escape our country. So there is a new place for everyone. It’s just 1.9 millions dollars for a one bedroom apartment in the Bubble. It is a pretty funny sketch that’s filled with what everyone is feeling. It’s just a place to escape to where the election never happened.

Secret Word with Kristen Wiig

Mindy Elise Grayson is back on SNL and she’s just as crazy as ever. The sketch was pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Secret Word. Mindy forgets how to play, or rather just says the word, the host gets mad and no one wins.

We expected some characters to return and she is one of Kristen’s most popular but this sketch wasn’t too amazing. It was just a simple return to what we always knew.

Anderson Cooper 360

A sketch proving the media is just comprised of robots repeating the same things over and over again, that’s all this was. It was just a constant loop of everyone on the show saying the same thing each time Anderson Cooper gave a new breaking news headline.

When Anderson starts to realize that it is just the same thing over and over again, they replace him with Jake Tapper to continue the loop. It is pretty funny and just a simple joke that hits beats over and over again.

Target Commercial

Over the holiday season, most people are going to go home to their families for the first time since the election. So now, this Target commercial shows us what exactly we can do to escape for just a little while.

It’s a pretty funny sketch, just showing us how terrible it might be this holiday season and what you can do to just go away for a few moments.

QVC Auditions

Christie and Joyce are friends and neighbors who both want to be on QVC. So they start making videos and as the sketch progresses, it turns into Joyce threatening to shoot Christie and her husband and it ends with a reveal that both their husbands are sleeping with each other.

It isn’t exceptionally funny but Wiig and Strong both give great performances that crack one another up and it makes the sketch that much more enjoyable.

Weekend Update

As usual, Weekend Update does a good job of tearing down Trump. This week, they had Pete Davidson come out and express his distain for how Staten Island voted in the election. He just kept talking about how mad it made him that it was primarily red and how he was going to react to his family when he went back home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Weekend Update has been getting better as the year goes on and this one was no exception.

Thanksgiving Parade

In a holiday topical sketch, the Macy’s Day Parade balloons end up coming to life and attacking Kristin Chenoweth. It wasn’t particularly great, just a silly sketch that had Madeline picking up Chenoweth and then dropping her from a great height.

The entire sketch was basically made around the joke about her not being able to defy gravity. It was okay and had a few good laughs but wasn’t really anything special other than watching Wiig and Bobby as balloons.

Whiskers R We

If you’ve ever wanted to see Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon as creepy cat ladies who are definitely sleeping together, here is your chance. They just kept making cat puns, picking up cute kittens, and then would hold each other’s boobs or make a comment about one another.

The two of them laughing throughout the sketch makes this worth while and it escalates to Bobby Moynihan dressing up like a cat and dancing around them.

The xx

The xx is a fantastic band and their performances on Saturday Night Live prove that. Though the performances were pretty basic, they showed us just how amazing the band is. Focused on the songs, they did a fantastic job on the show and hopefully this means that more people will listen to them.

Surprise Lady: Thanksgiving

The Surprise Lady is back and better than ever! Paul is coming back from the army and they’re surprising his mother with his return. Except that she is going to ruin it because she can’t keep a surprise. In fact, she eats and entire pillow trying to keep it hidden.

It is a cute sketch and the return of another Wiig classic but there were so many others they could have used instead. I would have taken the Target lady in that Target commercial sketch any day!

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New episodes of Saturday Night Live air every Saturday at 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time. Check back here on Culturess for the recap of each episode after they air!  
New episodes of Saturday Night Live air every Saturday at 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time. Check back here on Culturess for the recap of each episode after they air!