Holiday Gifts for the Cook or Baker (Or For Your Own Kitchen)

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Tortilla warmer and tureen from Talaverapottery (Screencaps via Talaverapottery on Etsy)

Serving Platters, Bowls and Soup Tureens

Serving platters, bowls and soup tureens make wonderful presents because they’re both decorative and useful. For the cook and baker who also loves to entertain, there are never enough serving items. We always end up using plain old plates to display the food we worked hours to create. Our cooking deserves better!


Annieglass is a California-based company. Their handmade glass platters and bowls come in all kinds of shapes and glowing, transparent hues. Dynasty Gallery, also in California, makes lovely glass platters resembling five different types of leaves in green, amber, blue, sienna and grey.

Talaverapottery is an Etsy shop owned by a lady named Maria, in Puebla City, Mexico. OMG her stuff is amazing. She makes the tortillas holder and ceramic tureen/serving bowl, pictured above, and much more. You need to check out this shop.

1220CeramicsStudio is another Etsy shop selling excellent handmade ceramics, like this oval tray with a midnight blue glaze. Etsy’s cherylwolff makes a simple white oval serving platter that won’t distract from your culinary creations. She also makes a square teal platter with a cone flower design that I want to have for my dining room table.

Serving Bowls

I love this handmade pasta bowl set from BlueSkyPotteryCO on Etsy, and not just because I’m a carb addict. I love the colors, and I just have a thing for pasta bowl sets. We have a Bugs Bunny one right now, but I’m thinking of trading up to this vividly glazed beauty.

AndoverPottery makes an extra large ceramic serving bowl with a shiny verdegris green textured glaze. It actually would look perfect next to the pasta set from BlueSkyPotteryCO.


Soup tureens also double as punch bowls and serving bowls. It’s a bowl! You can put stuff in it! They also look nice sitting on a display shelf.

Etsy’s ceramic artists are here for your soup serving needs. Most even include ladles. There’s this rustic orange and yellow one from Mfitzgeraldpottery, and an ivory crystalline glazed tureen from arrynvogan.

SusanFontainePottery makes a lovely sea green tureen with a simple design topped by a funky-curled handle, and PagePottery has this slate blue tureen with a ladle curled like a spring.

Kitchen goods stores also sell a wide variety of serving bowls and platters for every taste, but with so many options at Etsy, why go anywhere else?