Holiday Gifts for the Cook or Baker (Or For Your Own Kitchen)

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Wooden Cutting Boards (Screencaps via Foodiebords on Etsy)

Wood And Stone Cutting Boards

One cannot have too many cutting boards. Cooks and bakers use them for chopping, slicing, rolling, cutting, kneading, pressing and even presentation. It’s good to have separate boards for meats, vegetables, breads and cheeses, too. And well-used cutting boards need to be replaced when their structural integrity becomes compromised (sorry, been binge-watching Star Trek: Voyager.)

Natural wooden and stone cutting boards make excellent gift because they’re useful and beautiful. Dense-grained woods are great for chopping meats and veg. Boards made from marble, granite and other stone are easy to clean, and they’re especially great for bakers who need to work on cold surfaces. Stick a stone board in the fridge for a while and it will retain the cold for quite a bit.

Etsy artisans offer a wide range of beautiful wood and stone boards. Foodiebords sells a Walnut, Cherry & Ambrosia Maple Wood cutting board and a Walnut wood board, both of which are pictured above.

UltraVioletWoodworks makes and sells thick, checkerboard patterend butcher block cutting boards, like this cherry and sapele beauty.

MarcellasEngravables produces personalized, engraved boards, like this bamboo model, etched with the recipe of your choice.  GiftsofGranite sells this lovely naturally patterned black and rust Paradiso granite board. And MRDesignsUS makes this sparkling white quartz cutting board.

Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table also sell classic marble pastry boards. And they have gift-wrapping, too!