18 Memorable Moments From Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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Moon River and Me

If there is one thing you remember from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it is probably the song “Moon River”. It’s hard to forget the song. Mainly because it is part of most of the score. In the dance scene, there is a fast paced version of the song. The opening scene plays the song. Holly herself plays the song. It is literally everywhere in this film.

And rightfully so. Henry Mancini made a beautiful song that has become a standard after this film. And it gave us Audrey Hepburn singing on a fire escape in one of the most beautiful scenes in the entire movie.

Paul is trying to write. The story is titled “My Friend” and is clearly about Holly when he hears singing outside his window. He goes to look and Holly is sitting on her fire escape, singing the lyrics to “Moon River”. It is the first time we hear the song with the words.

The thing about the scene is that since the song has become so iconic, so has this moment. If the song would have fallen flat, we probably wouldn’t think about this scene. But now, any time you search for “Moon River”, this is one of the first things that pop up.