18 Memorable Moments From Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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The Strangest Party Paul Varjak Ever Attended

As a way of apologizing to Paul for her behavior in his apartment, Holly invites him to her apartment for drinks. Those drinks also include a lot of other people and music and a whole night of dancing. Holly Golightly can through one insane party.

She invites Paul and talks to him a bit but as the party goes on, Holly takes the time to talk to all those she invited. Including Rusty Trawler, one of the richest men under fifty. Paul ends up befriending Jose and helps him escape the party when the cops are called but he pretty much only sees Holly in fleeting moments.

The party is iconic because there is always something new to notice. Or relate to. For instance, we’ve all been the girl who is laughing in the mirror one second and then crying the next. Or we’re Mag Wildwood who passes out and falls to the ground. Maybe we’ve all been Paul, out of our element but enjoying the ride.

Whatever it may be, there is always something new to watch in that scene. We also learn that Holly is not really British in that scene and that she is, in fact, southern.