3 OMG Moments From The Walking Dead “Swear”


The latest episode of The Walking Dead showed us what dangers Tara was getting herself into during her supply run with Heath.

If you haven’t watched “Swear” yet, I suggest you go watch it. Because it was GOOD, and it finally reminded us why we all started watching this show in the first place. But if not, you can also find my recap here!

This episode was a nice change of pace from what we’ve been seeing lately on The Walking Dead. Once Negan came in, I’ll be honest when I say I was getting sick of watching. Even the bottle episodes focusing on just Carol, Morgan, and Daryl were getting boring. I needed something that reminded me why I loved this show again and “Swear” was it. Of course, we had danger and fighting and walkers but we also had a human element to it. We had community and camaraderie and trust and hopefulness and humanity- something we’ve been lacking this season so far.

I also loved this episode because it jumped from present day where Tara is alone to a time Tara and Heath were still together on the RV. It kept me interested, questioning. The dynamic between the two characters is fascinating because they both come from different communities- Tara from Rick’s traveling group and Heath from the Alexandria safe zone. They both have different outlooks on this world but in the end, they’ll do whatever it takes to protect one another.

Okay, let’s talk my 3 OMG moments:

This world is getting bigger.

I’m not saying that I was getting sick of the original crew of The Walking Dead but I’m not not saying that. I’m all for Rick Grimes being a badass. I’m all for Daryl’s antics. Hell, you could even say I’m all for Carl’s stubbornness. These are the people and the characters that make this show- I get that. But seven seasons is a long time to spend with these people, so I’m always happy to welcome in new folks. This new community of women, which I guess we could call the seaside community, expanded the world of The Walking Dead and finally made this show a little more interesting. 

This community is made up of almost all women. This is due to the saviors (of course). They basically killed every man over the age of 10. Okay, so we all have common ground. We all hate the saviors and Negan. That’ll help down the road, right?? Well, we’ll see about that…

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Tara’s not talking.

So Tara finally makes it back to Alexandria. Once she gets there, Eugene clues her in to what has happened. Denise is dead. Abraham is dead. Glenn is dead. Negan has taken all their guns, and has taken over their community.

Well, perfect! The seaside community has TONS of guns and they too, hate Negan and the saviors! How convenient, right?


Tara isn’t talking. Rosita asks Tara if she saw anything while she was out there, if she found any weapons or any other survivors. Rosita notes that she doesn’t care how dangerous it is, that she’ll go no matter the consequences. But Tara stays silent. At this point, I can only assume Tara is still in shock after finding out that her girlfriend died. But still. The future of Alexandria is literally relying on you, Tara! Are we going to see this seaside community again? I’d say so. Their a group full of kick-ass women. They’re not afraid to fight. And they’re loaded with weapons. Girl power, amirite!?

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Is Health alive?

Last time we saw Health, him and Tara were trying to cross a bridge. They accidentally let a sandpile pit of walkers out and the two got separately trapped. Tara fell into the ocean, leading her to the seaside community, and we’re still not really sure what happened to Heath. Last that we saw was him surrounded by walkers, seeming like he was sacrificing himself for Tara. But when Tara finally made it back to that bridge, Heath was nowhere to be found. She saw tire marks though and hoped it was him making an escape. But was it? I guess we’ll have to wait until the upcoming weeks to find out.

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What an episode. It was a nice break from the typical Negan being an asshole, Carl being an idiot, and the others just being stubborn. There’s so much tension between a lot of these characters- as I can image after Negan came into the picture. Rick grimes is losing his sense of self. Michonne and Rick are never on the same page. There’s tension between the people who started off in Alexandria and the people who just recently came in (Rick’s group). Even some people at the Hilltop are angry with Rick for making a promise they couldn’t keep. It’s just too much tension. The only way that Negan is going to get defeated is if all of these people throw their problems with one another aside, team up together, and fight him as one force. Haven’t they learned that by now!?

We’re 6 episodes deep into this season and absolutely no movement has been made. I’ve been watching the same exact story for 6 weeks. “Swear” gave me a tiny bit of hope that things were moving in the right direction, but then Tara refused to talk when she finally made it back home. Three communities despise Negan. Can we take that hatred and fuel the fight against him? PLEASE?

Like always, maybe next week…

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The Walking Dead’s “Sing Me a Song” airs on Sunday 12/4 at 9/8c on AMC.