30 Reasons Why Jon Snow Deserves The Iron Throne

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14. He Has Experience Leading

Eddard Stark taught his children important lessons while they were growing up. He made sure to give them his best qualities and worked hard to teach them everything they needed to succeed. That strategy ended up making Jon one of the most fit for ruling Westros.

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” This quote is a great tool for any future leader and it is something that Eddard told his children. The thing about most of the contenders is that they pass off their duties onto those around them. They don’t do any of the heavy lifting (or, in this case, killing or carrying out actions that are not necessary good).

Jon also leaded with the Night’s watch. Yes those working towards King’s Landing also have experience leading but Jon has the skills and the wherewithal to lead in the best way he possibly can.

So from Eddard’s teachings and what he learned as a member of the Night’s Watch, Jon as a special way of leading that would help him as a ruler. And with Westeros and everything that comes along with ruling, Jon’s training truly makes him an amazing candidate to take over the Iron Throne.