30 Reasons Why Jon Snow Deserves The Iron Throne

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12. He’s Already Popular Among the People of Westeros

As we have seen in our most recent election, winning the Popular vote is important. If you don’t win over the population, there could be grave consequences and the country would revolt (as we are seeing). The good thing about Jon Snow? He’d be our Hillary Clinton.

Jon isn’t really someone who pushes the envelope unless he has to and it works out in his favor. He doesn’t make enemies and he works to bring peace throughout all of Westeros. It is so important to be loved by your people if you’re planning on ruling them. It makes things a lot easier.

We’re witnessing what happens if you live under a leader most people do not want. America is dealing with that with Trump and it is hurting everyone. Picture Trump as Joffrey. Elected and out of our hands but hated by those he rules.

It isn’t really a great way to try and lead a land. You have to work even harder and if you make one mistake, you’re hated even more. Lucky for Jon, he is universally liked so far. He doesn’t have to fight against what people already perceive of him and that would make ruling a little easier.