A Comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide For The TV Lover In Your Life

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Photo: Urban Tee Farm

We just can’t get enough of Gilmore Girls right now. You can’t throw rock on the internet and not hit something related to the reboot coming up this holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as excited as the  next girl, and I’ll be buying up a substantial amount of GG-related items.

When I saw these Luke’s Diner-themed K-cups, I knew they’d get all my money. Combine my insane addiction to caffeine with my obsession with Gilmore Girls,  and this would be the perfect gift for me. But we’re not talking about gifts for me, now are we?

Let’s focus on what you’re buying for your loved ones.  If they’ve ever wanted to just sit and chill in Stars Hollow’s favorite diner, but felt dejected because it’s not a real place, then here’s a gift for them.

Of course, the receiver of this gift must have a single-cup coffee maker and must consume the normal, recommended daily serving of coffee. Which is kinda ironic because this would be a completely impractical gift for an actual Gilmore Girl.

Luke’s Diner – Single Single Serve Coffee – $19.99

Urban Tee Farm