A Comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide For The TV Lover In Your Life

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If you know someone who is even half the Breaking Bad fan that I am, then this T-shirt is a hardcore must. Sometimes, when I’m flipping the channels, not finding anything to wear, I long for the days when I had Breaking Bad to satisfy my TV needs. I often wish I had a closet full of BB memorabilia to help fill the Walter White-sized hole in my heart.

Be the danger in this Heisenberg T-shirt nodding at everybody’s favorite drug manufacture.  Back when we still couldn’t decide if Walter White was just a badass or an actual bad guy, he was Heisenberg and he was vicariously living out all our middle-class fantasies.

Although I’m partial to the green (pictured) this t-shirt comes in almost every color imaginable. Get this shirt for the Breaking Bad super fan, or just for somebody who needs to embrace their inner-Heisenberg, minus the meth-making, of course. Hell, give this gift long before the actual holiday arrives, and your fan can have everybody wondering if they’re the real badass in the bunch.

Breaking Bad ‘Heisenberg’ T-Shirt – $9.99-$16.99