25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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The West Wing

Again, this one is truly self explanatory. The West Wing is literally set in the White House. It’s like watching a movie called Mr. President and then getting mad that someone brought politics into it in their think piece. That’s pretty much what is happening nowadays anyway.

All it takes is someone to get mad and start complaining that politics are everywhere suddenly. But it isn’t sudden at all. The West Wing has been out since 1999 and people talk about it regularly. It is as much a part of our pop culture and conversation as anything else anymore.

At this point, The West Wing is our dream world. President Bartlet and his advisors are so much more desirable than what we have. Also we’d get a young Rob Lowe doing things for the President and honestly, who wouldn’t want that? And Allison Janney as the White House Press Secretary? We’d be living in a dream world.

Instead we’re looking at the end of days and praying that someone stops Trump before he promotes the corpse of Hitler to an elected official. So the next time you want to escape to a show that has nothing to do with politics, I’d highly suggest something other than The West Wing.