25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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Westworld season 1, screenshot courtesy of HBO


While Westworld is still new and we’re learning the ins and outs of the series, it is clear that there are very powerful political undertones to the show. Everything about it is a hierarchy system with people trying to control all those below them.

While it isn’t exactly a show based entirely on politics, they are still present. From the organization of the controllers to even the hosts, everyone has a position and a part to play and there is someone above them to keep them in line. Politics, am I right?

The thing about the show is that we don’t really know the outside world’s standing on the game. We are really only seeing those playing the game, those controlling it, and the hosts. Until we know more, we can only see the clear political connections to each level of Westworld. 

You can watch this show and choose not to see the politics in it but as the show progresses, it is definitely going to take a turn. And probably one closer to a political upheaval or a war of some kind with the hosts becoming self aware. No matter, there is an argument for politics in Westworld so if someone starts to tell you they don’t exist, just know that they are wrong.