25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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From The Crown. Image via Netflix.

The Crown

Okay so here we go again with another rendition of “is this show set specially around a governing body about politics?” Your answer? A resounding yes. It is very much a political drama about the Queen of England coming into power and taking the crown. So yes, politics play a part.

From Winston Churchill to the Queen herself fulfilling her duties as the ruling body of England, it is clear that this show doesn’t fit your “oh no politics aren’t in everything” mold. In fact, the newest Netflix drama just made even more people interested in politics.

Well, they got interested in the politics of Elizabeth and Philip’s relationship and how Elizabeth ends up becoming the Queen we all know and love today. So yes, the show has very strong political ties. You can maybe try and pass off the love story of Philip and Elizabeth as not having politics but even that isn’t true.

Their marriage was almost forbidden because of the crown. Everything in The Crown is about the crown and with the crown comes politics and political responsibility. So, to that friend who wants a new show but doesn’t want to deal with the American election any longer, maybe show them The Crown. At least that’s politics in England.