25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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Love Actually

You might be asking yourself “How is Love Actually connected to politics?” My answer is simple: Hugh Grant. His character is the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Literally one of the highest political positions in the world. So even your light hearted Christmas rom-com about a bunch of people who are all somehow connected has to deal with governing bodies and the corrupt political understandings of the world.

Even a corrupt President Billy Bob Thorton makes an appearance! How fun. It ends up leading to a pretty great scene where the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) decides to stick up for his country. He explains that they are small but mighty and he lists everything that Great Britain has given the world. Of course he does this in a press conference though. Because he is still the Prime Minister and politics haunt even our holiday films.

So, this Christmas, when you’re watching this holiday classic with family and hot chocolate, just remember this. Think back to this article and remember that even your Christmas favorites are riddled with political nuances. A terrible president angers the Prime Minister and he has to yell about how great England is. So, at least there’s that.