25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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The Good Place

While there aren’t really politics in this show that deal with America’s political climate, there is definitely a sense of political standing in the good place all on its own. For instance, how people are selected to join the good place and the bad place.

It is a very governmental based way of thinking of things. There is right or wrong, white or black, and no real gray area. Eleanor calls this out to which everyone in charge ignore it and continue on their day. You either make it to the good place (which is exceptionally hard) or you go to the bad place. So Charles Manson can be hanging out with your grandmother is she wasn’t a saint on earth. A little messed up, right?

The Good Place is a new Mike Schur show so there isn’t any real surprise that it has a little bit of a political twist. Most of his shows do. This one is just slightly different than we’re used to. It is not spelled out for us in perfect American government lingo.

So if you want a show that gives you that little bit of political understanding you crave while also not talking about the election really or going too deep into it all, maybe The Good Place is for you. But, remember, politics still exist. Even in the afterlife.