25 fandoms directly inspired by politics

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Lord of the Rings

Again, not exactly an obvious political tie but it is there. Lord of the Rings has the hierarchy and people who are in charge and doll out requests and tasks and, you get it, right? Politics are everywhere even in J R R Tolkien’s world.

Honestly, you can’t escape them. I know this is about trying to show you how politics are in everything and everywhere and that is so true. Literally, politics are in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. You cannot escape them no matter how hard you try.

With Lord of the Rings, there is a king. One of the novels is literally called Return of the King. Again, politics are literally everywhere. The series can seem like a clear cut story of good versus evil but, in reality, there is a legacy of power in the franchise. Much like in American politics with the Bush family.

According to this fan theory, people liken Bilbo Baggins to George Bush Sr. There are many other underlying themes but, again, there are politics present. So when someone says “don’t bring politics into Lord of the Rings”, you can sit back and tell them “well actually, here’s the thing” and go off until your political heart is content.