Geeky Gift Guide: What To Get Every Geek on Your List!

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World of Geekcraft

For: The crafty geek

Price: $19.95

Just check Etsy and you’ll see tons of geeks profiting off of their creative skills. There are so many different kinds of nerdy things to buy, but why not attempt to make something of your own? World of Geekcraft is the perfect book for the geek in your life who may need a little help to get a project started and who isn’t afraid of following directions. Or the one who likes to be creative and get a little messy.

Try your hand at crafting a Cylon Hoodie from Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars terrariums. The book tells you everything you’ll need to make the projects (and even where to buy some of the supplies) and also teaches crafting techniques such as sewing, quilting, and beading. There are projects in here for everyone, of all different kinds of skill levels. (They’re arranged from “Not a Jedi Yet” to “Warp Speed”.)

With help on some of the more advanced skills it could make for a fun gift for a younger cousin or sibling. Make a day out of it. Don’t leave the boys out either, there are enough projects in here that people of all ages and genders will find something to enjoy.

They’ll Love It If: they make their own costumes for Halloween/Comic Con; they like tackling projects and working with their hands

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