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Image via Society6/Karen Hallion Illustrations

Feminist Agenda Art Print

For: The geeky feminist

Price: $17.00 for 9×8 print

Pop culture is important because it provides not only an escape from our own reality, but examples of who we could be. Film, TV, books, and even video games provide us with strong, brave, intelligent characters to aspire to be. This has become especially important recently- both the need for escapism and the idea of heroes. And while it is far from perfect, today there are more role models than ever for all different kinds of girls and women to look up to.

That is why this “Feminist Agenda” print by Karen Hallion is the perfect gift for geeky feminist or even the young feminist in training. It features some of pop culture’s best role models: Peggy Carter from Agent Carter, Merida from Brave, Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, and Princess (now General) Leia from Star Wars. It is a powerful image of sisterhood and strength.

Hallion, like many artists, took up her pen and drew this image after the results of the election as an inspiration to fight back rather than running away. It would be a perfect gift for anyone who needs a reason to smile and inspiration to not give up. The design also comes in t-shirt form.

They’ll Love It If: their twitter profile says #ImStillWithHer; if they bought a shirt to support Chelsea Cain

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