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Bag of Holding – Con-Survival Edition

For: The con going geek

Price: $34.99

Comic cons are no longer just for serious comicbook readers. Now they are for fans of all kinds and they are more accessible than ever with events all over the world. Conventions are fun, but they can also be very stressful so the most important thing is to come prepared. The right bag can make all the difference to make it possible to bring all the con essentials.

The Bag of Holding from ThinkGeek is designed, “with the busy convention attendee with a hectic schedule and a crowded hall in mind.” The people at ThinkGeek are professional nerds (that’s a good thing) and have thoughtfully designed a product to that end. This bag contains not only the typical mesh pocket for a water bottle, but also a hinged front pocket for easy checking of a schedule or map, a “pass-through grommet between main and front pockets” for easy device charging (essential at cons), and even a side pocket that expands to store a poster. Plus it’s cute and compact and the neutral color would go well with most cosplays.

This bag has so many uses it will definately won’t go to waste once con season is over. The possibilities (and pockets) are almost endless. It would be good for any kind of travel or event like a day at Disney or even hiking.

They’ll Love It If: they make a battle plan for which booths to visit at cons; they always crush their posters; they just have a lot of stuff

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