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Image via Etsy/Cacao Pets

Cardboard TARDIS Cat House

For: The geeky pet owner

Price: $55.00

Visit any cat owner’s house and you will find a myriad of cardboard boxes for the furry felines. Cats just love boxes, it is known. And whether your cat likes sleeping in or chewing on cardboard, these geeky houses by Cacao Pets are purrfect. Now you don’t have to sacrifice the style of your home for the comfort and enjoyment of your pet.

And sure,this TARDIS shaped one is a little over the “under $50” rule established at the beginning of this article, but if you look at the picture I’m sure you will see that it is worth it. Besides, most pet owners are willing to spend any amount of money to pamper their pet. It can be a present either to a pet owner or from an owner to their fur baby.

The site also sells Stormtrooper and Pokemon shaped houses. Just note that some assembly is required (although they do promise easy assembly). Now the only question is how do you prevent your cat from tearing their pretty new home apart? (The cardboard used to make these houses is described as “strong enough”, but have you seen cats?)

They’ll Love It If: they have a cat named after one of the companions; they spend more money on toys for their pet than their own clothes

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