Geeky Gift Guide: What To Get Every Geek on Your List!

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Nickelodeon The Splat Coloring Book

For: The 90’s geek

Price: $14.99

The world is a stressful place lately. We can all use a little escape and relaxation which is why adult coloring books are more popular than ever. They are a way to be creative without requiring too much thought or skill and can be done while simultaneously watching your favorite show. Plus the end result is something bright and cheery which we could all use more of right now.

The Nickelodeon The Splat Coloring book is especially perfect because it will bring the recipient back to the simpler times of their childhood. Full of images from Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, Rocket Power, Aaahh! Real Monsters, Cat Dog, and more, it is a great way to remember the fun and ease of being a kid. It makes a perfect gift for all ages and would be great for a sibling as a way to reminisce about the good old days.

And sure, this one might be for the 90’s kid, but there are hundreds of other options to choose from including pretty much every fandom you can think of from Hamilton to Star Trek. Just add in a package of color pencils (or fancy markers if you want to splurge) for the full experience.

They’ll Love It If: they binged Fuller House on Netflix the day it came out; if they still say things like, “talk to the hand”; if they just need a break

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