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7. Marvel’s Agent Carter: Season 2 Declassified

For: The behind the scenes geek

Price: $47.00

Marvel’s Agent Carter was a show with a passionate fanbase, but sadly that was not enough to save it from cancellation after its second season. And since no DVD/bluray box set has been announced yet, Marvel’s Agent Carter: Season 2 Declassified is the next best thing. This beautiful book includes behind the scenes photos, interviews with the cast and crew, and details about the show’s production design.

This book is the perfect gift for any sad Peggy Carter fan who want a way to celebrate and remember this notable TV show. And like any of the “Art of Marvel” books, the images are the best part, as well as seeing how they go from concept art to conception. It provides an indepth look at the work that went into making each episode from putting together the crew to creating the stunts and designing the props and costumes.

This book doesn’t just have to be a present for an Agent Carter fan, but it can also serve as an inspiration for the film/TV fan who enjoys learning about how their favorite properties are made. Plus, with the setting of Agent Carter in the 1940’s there is plenty of history to keep even the most casual fan entertained. And if season 2 isn’t enough, there is a Declassified Season 1 as well.

They’ll Love It If: if they are still trying to #SaveAgentCarter because Captain America would be nothing with Peggy; if they lived for Hayley Atwell’s dubsmash videos; if they make you sit through the credits of every movie

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