19 People In The TV Industry The LGBTQ Community is Thankful For

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14. Layne Morgan

First working for The CW’s The 100 and now working for MTV’s Shannara Chronicles, this girl can’t go unnoticed in the world of queer television, using her platform to bring awareness to an underrepresented community. Her passion for changing the industry is an inspiration to so many, constantly speaking out about what needs to be fixed and selflessly giving a voice to those who are silenced.

You need a new queer show to binge? Layne probably has a suggestion. Or five.

You want to donate to a good cause? Layne probably has a fundraiser going.

You want to read rants about how necessary queer representation is in the media? I’m willing to bet there’s a few of those on her twitter page.

You just want to be inspired by a strong voice who never backs down? Layne’s your girl.

I can only imagine the show that she’s going to give us one day- probably has some witches, probably revolves around sisters, probably is a little gay, but will definitely change the game of TV.

If it weren’t for Layne Morgan, I wouldn’t be as involved in this industry, writing about representation on TV, because I never thought my voice mattered. She taught me that it did. She taught me that nobody can silence your passion. She taught me that our fight is not over, but she gives me hope that one day, it will be.