19 People In The TV Industry The LGBTQ Community is Thankful For

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15. Shannara Chronicles Creators/Writers

I’m going to go on a full blown rant about how great Shannara Chronicles is, so bare with me.

The show’s main story follows Wil (Autsin Butler), Eretria (Ivana Baquero), and Amberle (Poppy Drayton). The recipe for yet another love triangle we’ve all become far too familiar with. When I first heart about the show and heard about these three main characters, I immediately thought, another teen rom-com of two petty girls fighting over the broody, popular boy. Like, I’m thinking Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer fighting over Lucas Scott petty. And don’t get me wrong, One Tree Hill was my JAM in high school, but I’m. Sick. Of. It. The love triangles. The petty girls. The annoying boy.

All One Tree Hill references aside, I gave in and watched Shannara Chronicles anyway because I’m weak. Apparently I’m a sucker for pretty girls fighting one another. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG.

This love triangle is far from ordinary, and I’m utterly, completely, and inevitably invested. First of all, Eretria and Amberle’s characters are SO much more badass than Wil’s. There’s no petty-ness whatsoever. Second of all, the girls are like, definitely into each other rather than them being into Wil. Third of all, the writers just know exactly what they’re doing here and my deepest apologies go out to them for judging their TV show on my past experience with One Tree Hill.