19 People In The TV Industry The LGBTQ Community is Thankful For

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18. Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson is slowly but surely making her voice heard in the web series world. Her first web series, The Leslie, was released this year and quickly built a dedicated and loyal fan base. The series is based on her own failed attempts at dating after coming out. It’s quick-witted, honest, and bringing authenticity back to story telling.

Johnson stars in the series along with Ruby Goldin, Samantha Sutliff, Diana Spieller, Chris Hallett, and Daniel Luna. It’s covering a topic so rarely talked about TV. Leslie Clark has just come out, but now what? In an interview, Johnson describes that she was so “focused on the coming out and not at all what came after it.” So this is her after. She’s telling her story through Leslie Clark and her gaggle of friends. There will be tension. There will be falling for a straight girl. But through it all, there will be laughter and acceptance and friendship.

AND news just dropped that a season two is in the works! You can find the entirety of season one on YouTube.