19 People In The TV Industry The LGBTQ Community is Thankful For

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19. Black Mirror Creators/Writers

When I say the LGBTQ+ community is as passionate as the fire from a million suns, I’m not kidding. To be honest, I didn’t even know Black Mirror existed (sorry folks at Black Mirror) until a few weeks ago. I went on twitter one day and the hashtags of #blackmirror and #sanjunipero took over my timeline. But if my twitter timeline was raving about it, I sure as hell was going to check it out.

The episode, “San Junipero,” is not your average episode from Black Mirror. If you’ve seen the series at all, you know it’s typically dark, dubious, and thought provoking, showcasing the terrors that technology can hold on society. Quite frankly, it’s usually a creepy show. But they wanted to switch things up this time.

The episode depicts Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) who meet in a virtual reality world, something called nostalgia therapy, where sexuality goes unnoticed. It’s revealed that the two girls are actually elderly women, meeting their soulmate through this therapy. It’s beautifully portrayed and has quickly become one of the best love short stories from 2016.