A Thanksgiving Playlist to Help Keep You Sane

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Thanksgiving is a time to be with family, for better or worse. To help with the holiday stress, Culturess has created a Thanksgiving playlist!

Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday. I celebrate Christmas as my major winter holiday, and even Christmas takes a backseat to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving, for me, is about being with people I don’t get to see often enough, stuffing myself full of the most delicious food of the year, and snuggling up with my loves.

Sound a little idyllic? Well, yeah. Everyone’s family is a little weird, maybe slightly dysfunctional. We all have a racist aunt or an uncle who thinks he’s really funny but really really isn’t. Mom is going to scream at some point, your sister will cry, and you’ll end up rocking back and forth in the corner, wondering when your home (or, maybe just your happy place) will be rid of familial pests.

Cue the music! A tradition of mine has always been to create playlists for family gatherings and holiday parties. Ever since P2P music sharing became a thing and I could steal as much holiday music as I wanted, I have been creating playlists for Thanksgiving and Christmas. (For the record: I do not steal music anymore!) I’ve found through the years that music is the great equalizer. Everyone can come together over a really great song.

So, my Thanksgiving gift to all of you, dear Readers, is a Thanksgiving playlist to enjoy this holiday weekend. Some songs are funny, some are melancholy, some are classics, and others are new– but together, they are sure to provide a great soundtrack to whatever debacle you are party to this weekend.