The Best Thanksgiving Episodes In The (Recent) History Of Television

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I miss Will and Grace so much. Although this show was groundbreaking in it’s own time, it never took itself too seriously, and became one of the  most reliably funny shows on television. Yes, it ushered in a whole new conversation about homosexuals on TV, but you know what else? It offered some of the most memorable characters EVER. I like to think that if Grace Adler and Karen Walker had a baby – I’d be the product of that unholy union.

That’s why I prefer my Thanksgivings with a side of biting snark and mean-ish humor. Will and Grace is good for both in this flashback episode that revisits how the cast met each other.

“Highs In The Middle 80s” is the ultimate in origin stories, but the hair and fashion alone are enough to make this episode a classic. When Grace, who is rocking an insane asymmetrical bob, brings her college boyfriend, Will, home, things take an unexpected turn. While she thought they were gonna seal the physical deal, he decides to come out of the closet. All of this happens in the midst of deprecating humor and biting sarcasm – my favorite part of the holidays.