The Best Thanksgiving Episodes In The (Recent) History Of Television

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Because nothing is fair and the world is a terrible place, Happy Endings only aired three seasons. This show was often compared to Friends, but it quickly found it’s own quirky groove and carved out a very loyal fanbase (me!!!!). The humor is a little eclectic, but it really hits me in my humor sweet spot: weird, self-deprecating, and pop culture-laced.

Thanksgiving episodes are the time to revisit how characters met and came together, which is why I LOVE them.  “More Like Stanksgiving” falls right in line with this tradition, and the Happy Endings origin stories are glorious. This is probably the best ep of it’s third season. Happy Endings was painfully cut short long before it should have been, but at least we have precious little nuggets like this to keep us from forgetting.

Alex and Dave invite everyone over to their new apartment, and Max brings the lost season of The Real World: Sacramento. Yes, you read that right. Brad and Max were in a lost season of the Real World, but it didn’t air because a crazy person burned the house down. I told you it was weird. The bizarre ’90s-ness of these flashbacks is probably the greatest thing that will happen to you during this holiday week.