The Best Thanksgiving Episodes In The (Recent) History Of Television

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer reliably offers examples of the best on TV, but this Thanksgiving episode is real Buffy-gold. This has everything you need for a stellar holiday ep: a crossover, an overt lecture about race relations, and a brutal fight scene.

“Pangs” is the eighth episode of the fourth season, and is considered by some to be the  most controversial episode of the series. The controversy surrounds the invocation of a vengeful spirit from the Native tribe Chumash. During a tense confrontation with the spirit, whose people were wiped out by white settlers, Buffy is basically losing to the spirt – but fortunately, Angel is there to save her.

The meal itself is classic Buffy as the gang respectively shenaniganizes their way through the whole thing. The highlights of the episode include Spike being tied a chair, Buffy fighting a bear, Anya taking care of her man, and Angel. Always Angel.