The Best Thanksgiving Episodes In The (Recent) History Of Television

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Who doesn’t love a good Turkey costume? Leave it to Jessica Day to turn Thanksgiving into a full on cosplay event. As silly as Jess and the New Girl gang is sometimes, this show always gets to the heart of what draws people together. We’re definitely laughing at Jess and her guy wearing bird costumes, but we’re also relating to the the perils of navigating a new relationship. And we are absolutely connecting with the struggle of family during the holidays.

This episode of New Girl takes on a real Parent Trap -feel to it when Jess’ parents show up, unexpectedly together instead of separately. Jess’ parents are played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner, which is probably the greatest bit of parental casting in the history of  TV sitcoms. Of course, Thanksgiving hijinx ensue when the Jess tries to match-make her parents back together, despite numerous failed attempts in the past.

There’s also a man-off when Schmidt’s cousin, also named Schmidt, shows up. A manly competition ensues, and there’s a fair amount of embarrassment. A double dose of Schmidt is just the gluttonous philosophy we don’t have to feel guilty about during the Thanksgiving holiday.

This is the eighth episode of the second season, and also features a hunky Justin Long as an equally adorkable love interest for Jess.