The Best Thanksgiving Episodes In The (Recent) History Of Television

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No matter how whacky or dysfunctional your family is, we can always rely on Modern Family to offer something more embarrassing or silly. Because Modern Family revolves around three different types of families (nuclear, step- and same-sex) things can get a little hectic and lot whacky. Although Modern Family was pretty much universally loved by critics and audiences alike, reception has started to wane a little as more multidimensional characters emerge on other shows.

The season three Thanksgiving episode, “Punkin Chunkin,” is a good example of Modern Family in its heyday. With a visit from their obnoxiously successful old neighbor, tensions arise as the clan start to meditate on their dreams. The highlight of the episode is when Mitchell challenges the authenticity of Cam’s stories, so naturally a pumpkin catapulting ensues.

The episode explores the family’s complicated dynamics, splitting them into two camps: the Dreamers and the Realists. There’s misunderstandings, silly looks into the camera and a fair amount of yelling in Spanish, but you can find something to relate to with the Dunphy/Pritchett clan.