25 reasons we love Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones

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“More wine”

What is it with the Lannister siblings and drinking? Jaime is the soberest of the three, and even he imbibes now and then. Meanwhile, Cersei and Tyrion could probably keep a vineyard in business by themselves, possibly two depending on the specific seasons and episodes you look at.

Anyway, there are many, many GIFs of this moment, because it works so well not just in terms of Game of Thrones, but in life and general. There are times where the only response is just “More wine.” (Alternatively, you can use the GIF of her saying “Drink,” which is from the exact same episode, “Blackwater”.)

One of them is dealing with a young and innocent Sansa Stark, who doesn’t understand that you need to plan for things like the Red Keep falling. That means having Ser Ilyn Payne, sword at the ready to do some beheading. Also, dealing with a battle which you might lose anyway does in fact, require wine if you’re Cersei.

Even while drinking heavily, she manages to come out with some advice that wouldn’t be out of place in, say, Machiavelli: “Make sure they fear you more than they fear the enemy.” She also adds that “Traitors are a danger to us all,” which sounds vaguely more reasonable.

But then she calls for more wine, and a meme was born.