25 reasons we love Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones

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Admittedly, Cersei is more often on the receiving end of premier insults in Game of Thrones. The last slide featured one, after all, because even though Tyrion presents it as a vague compliment, it comes with some serious backhand. And let’s not even get into Olenna Tyrell’s thorns.

That does not mean that she doesn’t get in some good zingers of her own. Actually, this scene comes from season 3, episode 8 — the same episode where Cersei threatens to have Margaery Tyrell strangled. Maybe it’s just that she’s good at owning the younger generation?

Anyways, a prime Cersei insult is actually pretty simple. She isn’t as clever as Tyrion, which he likes to point out often, either openly or subtly. Remember “Schemes and plots are the same thing“? Yeah. As a result, Cersei’s best insults come when she can keep it to a quick comeback. This scene is a prime example. In eight words, she shuts Loras Tyrell down.

Alas, she doesn’t do well when she has less to work with or when she really has to start things off. This is where her scenes with Olenna, particularly in season 6, come into play. Olenna just has more experience anyway.