Top 5 Performances From The American Music Awards


The 44th Annual American Music Awards took over Los Angeles last night and I’m bringing you the top 5 best performances of the night.

It was a night to remember as the best of the best in the music industry were honored at the American Music Awards last night. Performances from hit sensations and new and upcoming artists filled the Microsoft Theater. Every one of these performances was deserving of a shoutout but I’m bringing you the 5 that’ll be stuck in my head until next year.

5. Niall Horan- “This Town”

Splitting up from a band is hard. Splitting up from one of the most popular boy bands that has graced our stereos since The Backstreet Boys is even harder. But Niall Horan instead, is taking back his rightfully earned place in the Hollywood music scene.

Horan proved to the music industry that he was well off without his trusty One Direction bandmates. He sang his first solo single, “This Town,” and amazed the audience with his emotional performance. While his old style of performing would be bopping around the stage with 3 other dudes, he’s beginning to slow it down now and find his new niche here in Hollywood. We got a taste of his smooth voice, his heartfelt lyrics, and the inspirational way he can connect to a crowd.

This was the first time him and fellow ex-bandmate Zayn Malik were under the same roof together. The two exchanged an awkward handshake after Horan’s performance but it seems as though they’re both doing well for themselves. Zayn received an AMA later that evening.

4. Fifth Harmony- “That’s My Girl”

This was probably the most anticipated performance of the night- Fifth Harmony’s “That’s My Girl.” Similar to the song’s music video, the stage had a post-apocolyptic feel to it and the girls were dressed in various shades of taupe, beige, khaki, and fur. This female-empowering song had the entire crowd on their feet dancing. It wouldn’t be a Fifth Harmony performance without Dinah hitting her solo’s perfectly, without Aly Brooke whipping her hair back and forth, and of course, without polished choreography that Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera would’ve lost their mind over in the 90s. Bravo, ladies.

3. Lady Gaga- “Million Reasons”

Lady Gaga just dropped her new album, Joanne, in October, and she delivered an emotional and memorable performance of “Million Reasons” last night on the AMAs. She traded in her typical wild outfits and an over-the-top vibe for a mellow, and toned down version of herself. Barefoot, she sat on a stage covered in grass with only a guitar in hand.

No dancing. No dramatics. No distractions. It was pure. It was natural. And it was perfect.

2. Justin Bieber- “Let Me Love You”

Only Justin Bieber can still perform at the AMAs while currently on tour in Europe. Yeah, you heard that right. The pop sensation performed via satellite, live from one of his shows across the pond. And only Justin Bieber can have his crowd legitimately crying while he sings. Sobbing actually. Hell, fans were bawling. He not only had the entire theater in Switzerland on their feet, singing along to his hit. He had the entire theater in Los Angeles on their feet, singing along to his hit. And that’s pretty incredible, if you ask me.

Although Bieber couldn’t make it to the AMAs, he still found a way to perform, making this the sixth American Music Awards performance for him. And I have feeling it certainly won’t be the last.

1. The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey- “Closer”

You know those songs that you fall in love with, you play over and over and over again, and then you end up being sick of them? Okay, well “Closer” isn’t one of those songs. Because I could play this over and over and over again and I will never get sick of it. Ever. Especially if I’m watching the music video. The chemistry between Andrew Taggart and Halsey is breathtaking, and their performance on stage last night was nothing short of that.

This song has truly and completely taken over the music scene this year. It was first performed live at Bonnaroo in July and basically took off running after that, staying at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 consecutive weeks.

So, my top performance of the night was “Closer” and I have a feeling that I will just never get sick of this song. Can they perform next year too?

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And that’s a wrap on the 2016 American Music Awards best performances!