31 TV Characters Trumps America Needs Right Now

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13. Miranda Bailey- Grey’s Anatomy

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is the current Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on Grey’s Anatomy. Over thirteen seasons (yes, thirteen seasons…) that this show has been on air, Miranda Bailey has been through it all, and has consistently remained a massive part of this surgical team. As the only female intern while she was just coming out of med school, she also won the first solo-surgery in her class, proving girls of any color, class, and age, can be smart, confident, and essential.

And to make Chandra Wilson even more amazing than she is, she’s directed for Grey’s Anatomy as well. Wilson made her directing debut in “Give Peace a Chance” in season 6. This show in it of itself is incredibly diverse. The writer, Shonda Rhimes cares deeply about writing shows that extend the barrios of boring cookie cutter television. In fact, three of the shows on this list are written by Rhimes and she continues to impress us with her scripts, her passion, and the amounts she cares about her audience. She wants us to watch TV we can relate to, and we’re grateful for that. Every show should have a little Shonaland to it.