31 Things We Learned from the Game of Thrones Women

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23. Have faith in yourself.


Prior to their falling-out, Davos gives Melisandre a pep talk that would lead to Jon’s resurrection. He says that he doesn’t believe in the Lord of Light, but he believes in her, and this is what compels Melisandre to try to bring Jon back in the first place. She has a power and a magic all her own, and only needs to keep faith in herself to wield it.

Maybe there’s a god orchestrating all the goings-on in Westeros and beyond. Maybe there’s not. Whatever the case, it’s the people who carry out their actions. Melisandre still believes that Jon is alive because her lord willed it so, but her faith has led her down a deadly path thus far. Hopefully her time away from Winterfell will force her to look within herself for strength. After all, the only time her staunch religious belief did her any concrete good was when she brought Jon back to the land of the living. And until there’s evidence to suggest otherwise, I for one believe she did that all on her own.

She is strong enough to do it on her own and she is powerful enough to so why couldn’t she just do it by herself?